Discover the Fairies

Rae is a Sunlight Fairy. She is always cheerful and happy, no matter where the sun shines!

Lunara a Moonlight Fairy. She is the ultimate cool. She is also a silent flier! When she flutters in the gardens, she may startle you if she lands behind you.

Petunia is a Blossom Fairy. She can be shy and soft spoken, but has a warm heart and loves hugs!

Flurrie is a Winter Fairy. She loves to walk along the forest, planting flowers with every footstep!

Dusky is a Twighlight Fairy. She has powerful wings, and an even more powerful heart! She’s fiercely loyal to her friends, and a great leader.

Rosalinda is a Rose Fairy. When she is asked to help her friends with a mission, you can be sure no stone will go unturned!

Creepette is a Goosebump Fairy. She can be spooky but is really very sweet! She’s always very cool and collected.

Augusta is a Summer Fairy. She’s a sweet and caring friend, who loves to give complements to all her friends—which is everyone!

Mae is a Spring Fairy. She loves to just hang around, no matter what’s going on. She loves to stop and smell the flowers!

Autumn is a Fall Fairy. She is courageous, honorable and courteous. She is ever-so-loyal to her friends and will always help a fellow fairy!

Briar is a Thorn Fairy. She loves to gets into mischief, but she knows how to focus when her friends need her most!

Lupina is a Water Lily Fairy. Her favorite pastime is cruising the waves, searching for pearls!

A rare Glitter Fairy that is always cheerful and happy. Plus she sparkles no matter where the sun shines!

A rare Crystal Fairy, that is like no other fairy. Filled with moonbeams, she glows with love and hope.